Shree Narayani Namo Namo is a trust formed with the purpose of serving humanity and is based on the principle that God resides in all beings and that service to them is service to God. The trust through its various activities tries to help whosoever is in need and the primary objective is to minimise the suffering of the needy around us.



Ann Seva is one of the initiatives of the trust, Shree Narayani Namo Namo, which works to see that no one goes hungry. The idea of Ann Seva is to identify areas/ places where people might be struggling to keep themselves fed and to go to that location and serve food to them. It operates using mobile vans which are equipped with state of the art kitchens with a capacity to serve upto 500 people per meal, with fresh hot fulkas and steaming sabzis live. The seva is completely free of cost and is looking for support from like-minded kind individuals so that it can feed as many people as it possible can.

Ann Seva looks to cater to areas like slums & underdeveloped villages. For example the vans can be used at times of disaster to feed stranded people, or to feed people in need at hospitals who have their families admitted or any similar situation that you can help us identify.